About Sveafastigheter

Sveafastigheter is a leading property investment manager, active in the Nordics. Focus is on investments where we can create value for our investors through active management, working closely with local asset management partners.

Our target is to be the preferred partner for value adding propery investments in the Nordics. We can humbly state that we have received numerous awards as leading in the Nordics and Baltics. And we will do our best to keep our partners and customers satisfied going forward.

Business model

Our business model is to identify properties where we can add value through active local asset management. The portfolios are structured in themes, after property segment or potential, so that we can  offer clear and attractive investments for our customers. Our expertise comprises transactions, investment and property management, project- and property development as well as structuring and financing. Sveafastigheter’s customers are mainly institutions, such as pension funds and insurance companies, though also municipalities and private investors throughout the World.

Guiding principles:

Our guiding principles describes how we want to act towards our customers, partners and each other.

jobba hos oss

1. Client first

Our overriding principle is to always put the interest of our clients first. This simple rule guides every aspect of how we do business.

2. Excellence

We do all we can to meet expectations and assure the best possible delivery within all parts of our offering. To secure the right expertise, we work actively with building and maintaining a broad local network on our chosen markets.

3. Creativity

Creativity and the ability to think outside the box are fundamentals for our organisation and business model. We believe in the power of action and are convinced that the nerve to be in the frontline is crucial for active value creation – for new investment possibilities as well as for adapting solutions to particular customer needs.

4. Teamwork

Within our team, we value clarity, honesty and integrity. By working collaboratively, we can use our different experience and perspective to reach the best overall solution.

5. Trust

We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and partners – by an open dialogue, a present management and thorough follow-up of results and expectations.



Sveafastigheter was founded in 2003. We are about 25 employees in the office in Stockholm, to which one can add a broad network of local asset management partners in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia. In that way, we can combine the swiftness of a small company with a large company’s expertise.

Since 2014, Sveafastigheter is part of Brunswick Real Estate – a group of market leading companies within corporate finance, transactions, investment management and debt financing focusing on real estate in the Nordics.

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